You mean the market works?

More Obamacare fail?  Is it possible?

Oh, yes.  Yes it is.

See, when technocrats and busybodies decide that a very small number of people know better than the population as a whole, they screw things up, because they can not possibly actually know better.  For example, the authors of Obamacare, which was sold as a solution to a high number of uninsured people, didn’t actually try to find out why many people are uninsured.  Now HHS has to sell the uninsured on the idea (in great part because the version of insurance the uninsured must purchase is going to be much more expensive than the insurance they were deciding not to purchase was).

It turns out that the Democrats and the Obama administration apparently didn’t bother to investigate who these uninsured people actually are before they forced through a $1.8 trillion plan to help them.

What they’ve learned since is that more than half of the 48 million who the government says are uninsured aren’t interested in health insurance, which is why they don’t bother to buy it in the first place.

The administration now admits that vast numbers of the uninsured will be unlikely to respond to ObamaCare’s marketing pitches.

The biggest market segment identified by HHS, in fact, is what it describes as “healthy and young,” who make up 48% of the uninsured population.

Isn’t that just awesome!  So the only people who want insurance are the sick people, and the people Obamacare relies on to pay for it don’t want to buy insurance, and will quite probably pay the penalty (which will be lower than the cost of insurance).  Which will increase subsidies, which will increase the costs, which will drive more people out, etc, etc, etc.

Of course, it could be that was the plan all along, because when this fails (and it will), the solution will be government run universal health care, which really was the goal, no matter what they tell you.



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