Training, 6/24/13

The plan was to run another two weeks of squatting 3 times a week, but I felt like I needed another break, plus got a little busy.  So I adjusted, mostly because I bore quickly, and because I want to train harder.  Today was an ME Squat session, I guess, but I was just testing to see where I am, and I’m fairly pleased.  Lots of work to do, but felt great today.


2×5@ 45











The last single was a little tough, but not a true 1RM by any means.  The best I’ve felt with more than 315 on my back for a long, long time.  I think that’s the result of squatting every session, my form felt great, I felt in the right groove.

Good Morning

2×5 @ 135.

45 degree back raise



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