One Reason

If you ever wondered why I left the corporate world, this post explains it.

Each of these people got handed a turkey, and some money, along with instructions on how to somehow improve it, promote it or otherwise dress it up. Alas, no one had the guts and the leverage to say, “stop.”

Basting the turkey might sound like your job description, but ultimately, we’re known by the projects we get involved in. Saying “no” or even “stop” is the hallmark of the professional you want on your team.

In my corporate world, saying ‘stop’ if you weren’t the person designated as the gatekeeper was forbidden.  I know, because I did it.  We were going to activate a market to install and service a brand new piece of equipment (if you recall who I worked for and what I did, you might be able to figure out what it was).  The requirement to activate a market was 40 scheduled or committed placements.  We had 1, and it was a customer test location.  I said stop.  I got told in no uncertain terms to shut up.

Eventually they listened (they are  a successful company, nonetheless), but I don’t think that helped earn me many new fans.


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2 responses to “One Reason

  • Paul

    While I “get it” …. I was expecting more in the blog….

    • Paul Stagg

      I’m not sure I understand your comment.

      I know you’ve been in those shoes too.

      It certainly isn’t the only reason I’m not in the corporate world any more, but it’s one of them. I just wanted to, if anything, bring attention to Seth Godin’s post; I think he’s a genius.

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