Interesting Split

Here’s how the Maryland Delegation voted on the Amash Amendment to defund NSA data collection (better known as searches without warrants).  An AYE vote is a vote against warrantless spying, a NO vote is a vote with the Obama Administration to continue viewing the Constitution as an inconvenient list of suggestions.

Interesting how they are split.  Andy Harris I suspect would have voted NO were there an (R) next to the President’s name.  The rest are Democrats, and 3 of them are splitting from the Administration.

AYE   R Harris, Andy MD 1st
NO   D Ruppersberger, A. Dutch MD 2nd
AYE   D Sarbanes, John MD 3rd
AYE   D Edwards, Donna MD 4th
NO   D Hoyer, Steny MD 5th
NO   D Delaney, John MD 6th
AYE   D Cummings, Elijah MD 7th
NO   D Van Hollen, Chris MD 8th

I recommend holding the NO voters accountable, but there’s not much history of that in Maryland.


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