We Are Governed by Simpletons

Just so we’re all clear:

After weeks of a standoff, with Republicans fighting the Democrats to reduce spending and possibly alter or marginally improve the disaster that is Obamacare, yesterday Congress reached a compromise.

That compromise increased spending by $3 billion.  No changes to Obamacare.  No cuts in spending.

So they would have gotten closer to what they want had they just agreed three weeks ago.

Those Republicans sure drive a hard bargain.

This is why my blog is now pretty much just a training log.  I’m not going to change anyone’s mind, and certainly y’all don’t seem to have a plan that would stop electing these clowns.

Update:  The money went for a project in Mitch McConnell’s home state of KY.  If you don’t know, he’s the minority leader of the Senate (a Republican).  Apparently he needed the payoff.  I look forward to the Republican party standing behind a challenger in the primary.  (LOL)


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