Training Update

About 10 days or so ago I either strained my upper back/shoulders dragging the prowler, or I fell asleep on the floor in an odd position.  Either way, my right shoulder was jacked, then my neck and upper back.  I’ve pretty much worked it out now, so should be back in the gym tomorrow.  Nothing serious, so a little rest and some active recovery (stretching and mobility) seem to have resolved the issue.

Also, I’m making some adjustments to work a little on body composition… I’m making some small adjustments to diet, mostly just paying more attention, and I’m committing to improving my conditioning (via prowler work on training days, and walking (graduating to running) on non lifting days.  Goals are still the same, so you won’t see me running a 10K anytime soon, but I need to get a little leaner and improve my work capacity, as well as keep an eye on health.

Training has been going well, slow steady progress is building; I’m looking at maybe a meet in the spring.


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