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Pondering Wealth

Don Boudreaux ponders the wealth of the richest American, and what would happen if we took it all and gave it to other people.

And this fact does mean, therefore, that taking money from Gates and giving it to other Americans will – if these Americans spend all or most of this transfer on consumption goods – reduce the productivity of the economy.  It will diminish the economy’s capacity to produce material goods and services over time.  Over time, it will make all of us less able to consume.

Read all of it.  And if you have time, read more posts at Cafe Hayek.


A National Discussion

Two people were murdered in a mall in Columbia, MD, and the killer then shot himself.  A horrible tragedy, certainly a frightening event, and an example of senseless violence. We will probably learn more over the coming days about the three, my guess is this wasn’t random, that the killer targeted his victims for some reason.

Since January 1, there have been 19 homicides in Baltimore, and nearly 20 additional shootings that were not fatal.

Only one of these leads talking heads and politicians to proclaim we need to have a National Discussion.  A discussion about guns, violence, mental health, safety, domestic violence, and/or any number of other things.  But there’s no need for a discussion about the Baltimore murder rate in January.


Is it because no one wants a discussion about the failure of the welfare state, the failure of the drug war, the results of ongoing institutional poverty, the effects of a high rate of unwed/teen pregnancy, the dropout rate in Baltimore City schools, or is it not the narrative any of the talking heads want associated with politicians in Maryland?

Or do the dead people in Baltimore just not matter?

Still Here

Just busy.  Our business has been more active than expected (which is a very good thing), and I’ve been focused more on some other priorities.  Blogging just isn’t all that high on the list any more, especially given my recent and significant loss of interest in things political.

It’s as if it just hit me that I’m just one more voice out there clamoring for other people to completely change their personal philosophy, and that’s just not going to happen.

My training log should return shortly, and of course as things occur to me, I’ll post.

My Opinion of David Brooks

He is a stunningly sanctimonious prick.

How many times have you been disappointed Paul Krugman took the day off?

Happy New Year

I hope 2014 brings you happiness and health, and maybe a little prosperity, too.

It’s a big year for us, we have a lot of self-imposed business pressure on us this year (we need to increase our sales by 50% to really meet our goals).  We also need to find our balance again.  The primary reason I got out of the corporate world and in to Real Estate was the ability to take control of my life, but I really didn’t take any more than a day off in a row until just this last week.

I always have powerlifting goals and usually don’t achieve them.  This year, I don’t really have specific goals (at least not yet).  I don’t really have any resolutions, but I am making a commitment to giving everything I do 100% effort.  Both with business, lifting, and even with relationships, I often mail it in instead of doing my best.  I can get away with that most of the time, but if I give 100% to what I’m doing at that moment, I will achieve far more.  That doesn’t mean I need to give 100% all the time on whatever I need to do, but 100% on what I am doing.  If I don’t have enough for work, I’ll give 100% to cleaning the kitchen, or give 100% to watching football.

It’s going to be a great year.


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