Training Update, and Max Effort Lower

So, for the first time in about 15 years, I’m training for something.  There is a RPS sanctioned powerlifting meet in Elkridge, Maryland (Blue Crab Crossfit, so this may be the first time I step into a crossfit facility); I have registered to compete as a 242 in masters, single ply, drug tested (amateur) division.

Today was the first training session since I decided to compete again, and is the first session of 25 ‘weeks’ (my training week is 8 days).  I put together a basic framework and plan, but as always, it’s built to be flexible so I can adapt to what’s working and what isn’t

For the first couple of months, I’m doing three things – getting stronger (which should be a given), building some muscle (this is done with accessory work), and dropping some bodyfat (not too much, but I’m a little fatter than I should be from a health perspective).  All of these things should happen at the same time, because I kind of know what I’m doing, and because the body recomposition and hypertrophy are interchangeable.  Getting a little leaner is more important if it comes down to it.

Today, I trained.  This is what I did.

Deadlift off 2″box










Split Squat


(Just feeling these out.  They were awful, I am a big uncoordinated jackass)




3×8 @ 225

45 degree hyper


Incline situp


Reverse Hyper

2×8 @ 80

Overall, not a bad day.  I wasn’t feeling so hot (I ate all of the spicy food yesterday, and drank about a half a bottle of Pepto overnight, so today wasn’t the best day to deadlift), but did better than the last time I pulled off a box, and stopped there.


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