Dynamic Effort Squat, 11/14/14

This is usually the hardest day of the three week wave.

Box Squat

2×5 @ 45



135+1chain x 2

135+2chain x 2

185+2chain x 2

225+2chain x 2

8×2 @ 275+2chain  One minute rests.

315+2chain x 1

335+2chain x 1

355+2chain x 1

365+2chain x 1

All of these were fast.  Each set of chains is about completely unloaded at the bottom, and about 30-40 pounds at the top (each chain is 20 pounds, but there’s some chain on the floor at the top).  So the last set was somewhere around 425-445 at the top.




6×1 @ 315

Felt heavy, but pretty fast.

Pull thru

3×8 @ 150

Reverse Hyper

3×8 @ 110

Side Bend

3×12 @ 45

Hammer Strength Shrug


2×8 @ 405



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