Dynamic Effort Bench Press, 11/17/14

Took an extra day off.  Not sure I got much out of the extra rest physically, but I did mentally.

Warm Up

Shoulder complex, band stretching

Bench Press

2×12 @ 45

2×3 @ 95


135+1chain x 3

8×3 @ 175+1chain.  Less than a minute between sets, three grips

185+1chain x 3

225+1chain x 1

245+1chain x 1

265+1chain x 1

4 Board Press

225+1chain x 5

275+1chain x 5

280+1chain x 5

DB Row


3×8 @ 100

1 Arm press

2×7 @ 50

Incline Tate Press superset w Hammer Curls

2×8 @ 35

Pullover Machine

2×15 @ 70

Wave Wrap Up

Since my training is broken down into three ‘week’ (8 days) cycles, or waves, I evaluate how things have gone, what’s working, what isn’t, and what I need to change.  First, I do need a deload this week.  I’m starting to get some pain in my biceps tendons (probably from my shoulders), and my sleep is a little off.  I will probably train tomorrow and do some light lower body work and sled dragging, Thursday do some upper work, and on my normal dynamic days, I’ll squat and bench working up to maybe 80%.

Next cycle, I’ll build on volume a little.  No changes to max effort lifts, I’ll go back to straight weight on dynamic days.  I think I’m going to stick with most supplemental exercises, but I’ll swap out one arm presses for sure.  I think I may replace step ups with something a little more challenging, like a leg press, trap bar deadlift, or a one leg squat.  Otherwise, I don’t want to mess with things too much, as everything seems to be working.


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