Must Listen

It’s a nice morning for a walk, so I went for a 3.4 mile walk this morning.

I’ve taken a break from training for the better part of this week, in part for recovery, in part because J’s been under the weather.

I usually walk 2-3 miles on days I don’t lift, which works out to every other morning.  I believe (based somewhat on empirical evidence, somewhat on Russian/Soviet weightlifting coaches, and somewhat on my own experience) that if you are going to do one activity for your health and well-being, it’s a walk, outside, in the morning.  During my every other day or so walks, I listen to podcasts.  Recently, I’ve been listening to the EliteFTS Sports Performance Podcast.

If you are in any way involved with sports performance, as a coach, trainer, or an athlete, I highly recommend listening.  Of course – that’s the target audience.  But I’d also suggest that if you are in any way a fan of sport and you want to learn about improving individual (including your own) performance, team performance, psychology of winning, and a number of other subjects that are applicable to not only sports performance, but all types of performance, you should check them out.

I just listened to Ashley Jones, and while his expertise lies in training rugby players, there are nuggets in the hour-long interview that apply to me as a power lifter, as an entrepreneur, and certainly would have applied to my prior life as a leader (and individual contributor) in a corporate setting.

So check it out.  And go for a walk.


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