Max Effort Bench, 12/22/14

So, on a whim, I decided to see if I can hit my planned openers for the meet in May.  On Friday, I pulled 405 sumo with no gear, coming back after taking a couple of weeks off due to a lower back issue.  Today, I did this:

Warm Up

Reverse hypers, 2×10, incline situps, 2×10, shoulder complex, band stretching.

Bench Press

2×20 @ 45

2×3 @ 95










All of the singles were competition grip, competition pause, no liftoff, no spotters.  The 300 was not 100% effort, but I made a deal with myself that if I hit 300 I could go home and have a sandwich.

Pulldowns (because I lied to myself)

100×30, 20

Face Pull Superset with Pressdown


Shooting for a 1200 total might be aiming low.  Assuming my squat hasn’t gone backwards, my openers will be 1110.


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