ME Squat, 2/10/15

Took a little break, went to Jamaica, got rested up for the push to the RPS Mid Atlantic meet on May 2.  Given the style of training I use and my general approach to this meet, I’m not using a traditional ‘peaking’ cycle.  Conjugate/concurrent/Westside should pretty much keep me at or near my best all the time, and I’m not exactly planning to break any records, so I’ll just train until a week to ten days out, when I’ll deload.  As long as I keep setting PRs, we have to assume everything is working.

Chain Suspended Good Morning









This tied a PR.  I feel like crap today, probably should have gone for 280.

Leg Press

2pps x 25

3×15 @ 3pps




3×5 @ 225

Pullthru superset with pull down abs


I’ve got a head/sinus thing, so bending over and straining makes my head hurt.  (Yes, I read it.  I know.)

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