Max Effort Bench, 2/12/15

Still have this sinus/head/ear/plague.  It’s bad enough to give me a headache and make me feel tired, but not bad enough to keep me on the couch with my blankie and chicken soup.

Really good day today.  Stringing together a lot of them is going to lead to a good showing in May.

Warm Up

Shoulder complex, band stretching.  Forgot all about doing reverse hypers and abs.

Floor Press

2×10 @ 45





245×3 (PR)

265×3 (PR)


295×1 (PR)

The 263 triple is 30 pound improvement.  The 295 was a serious grind, it felt like it took about 10 seconds to lock out.  A 10 pound improvement.

Fat Bar Bench Press


2×5 @ 225



Band Pressdown ss w/ hammer curls

2×10 w/ light band, 2×15 @ 25

Band Face Pull

2×10 (light)

Band pull apart

2×10 (mini)

Pullover Machine



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