Max Effort Squat, 2/18/15

Sat in traffic for nearly an hour on my way to the gym.  I was frustrated, because I was already on a pretty tight schedule.  I’m pretty sure I didn’t have as bad a day as the guy in the accident that caused the backup, though.


Modified Agile 8, rolling around on the floor, stretching, wandering around the gym trying to find the right collars for the specialty bar

SSB Low Box Squat

2×5 @ 45





225+chain x 2

245+chain x 1

265+chain x 1

275+chain x 1

This is my least favorite lift.  The SSB throws me forward and really makes me use my upper back to stay tight, and I just hate doing them.  I’m also not good at them.  I used one set of chain, which adds about 40 pounds at the top, and nearly deloads at the bottom.  I was planning to use 2 sets, but the SSB was hard enough with one.  My PR on this is 300, so today I hit 315 at the top, so we’ll take it, as using accommodating resistance on these makes them suck even more than normal.  Also – if you see stars at the end of a rep, it was probably a maximal effort.

Reverse hypers superset with Incline situps


Since I had limited time, just did this and got out. Sometimes that’s the way things go.


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