Dynamic Effort Squat/Dead, 2/24/15

Had to get this one in early, as we both have busy days today.  I normally don’t feel great for early AM sessions, but today I did, even on 6 hours of sleep and 5 degree temps.

Warm Up

Stretching, mobility, putting on my shoes

Box Squat

2×5 @ 45





245+1chain x 2

8×2 @ 255+2chain.  One minute between sets, felt fast and strong.  Didn’t work up, because I was pressed for time.




8×1 @ 285.  About 30 seconds rest between singles, again felt fast and strong, again didn’t work up.

45 degree hypers


Side Bends


Had to quit there.  Not the best day to have to get out in under an hour, but I guess it’s not bad to leave with quite a bit in the tank. I’ve had two lower body days in a row cut short, though, can’t make that a habit.


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