Dynamic Effort Bench, 2/25/15

I really hate getting up at 4:30.  Alas, I’m home by 9 with three meals eaten, and I’ve got a full day ahead of me.  (Coffee will be my friend today).

Felt great again this morning.  Also saw one of the most stupid things, ever.  Some fitness/bodybuilding girl (I could tell by her Flag nor Fail hoodie) had the reverse hyper loaded with 180 pounds – I thought that was odd, given that’s a ton of weight for a little person.  Then she proceeded to double a strong band around the swing arm from the front of the machine, step into the band and put it around her hips, and then did what I guess was a good morning, but the net resistance was the band against her hips, which maybe moved two inches. I considered asking her what she thought she was doing (I get asked why I’m using chains), but I was afraid I might laugh or make a face, so I used the 45 degree hyper instead.


Incline situps and 45 degree hypers

Shoulder complex


Bench Press

2×15 @ 45



135+1chain x 3

3×8 @ 185+1chain.  3 grips, less than a minute between sets. Fast and strong.

225+1ch x 1

255+1ch x 1

280+1ch x 1  This is getting pretty close to max effort work, but I wanted to best the 275+chain from last week.

Football Bar Press



135+1ch x 5

3×4 @ 190+1ch

Barbell t-bar row

5×8 @ 95

Land Mine shoulder press

2×15 @ 30

Band Pressdown superset with hammer curls

2×15 (light band, 40’s)


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