Deadlifting, 3/23/14

First time in my deadlift suit.  It’s too lose, but since I’m tall for my weight class, it has to be so I can get the straps up (which I couldn’t do – I got one up, but need help to get the second one.)


Sumo, suit bottoms

2×3 @ 135

2×3 @ 185

2×1 @ 225





405 x miss


405 x 1

415 x miss

The suit I have is designed for conventional deadlifting.  I prefer sumo, but I need to pull the way I’m strongest.  I felt like I was fighting the suit pulling sumo when the weights got heavier, when I switched to conventional, it felt like 50 pounds came off the bar.  I’m certainly good for more, but had worn myself out.

Reverse Hypers


incline situps



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