Training Plan Update

After withdrawing from the RPS meet, I decided to revisit and revamp my training.  While Conjgate/Westside is a ton of fun, I wasn’t staying consistent enough, and I wasn’t getting the results on my lifts I wanted.  My bench was progressing well, but squat and deadlift were stalled.  I was getting better at the Max Effort exercises and at box squats, but that didn’t transfer over to my competition lifts.

That’s not the fault of the training, it’s my implementation and execution.

So about a month ago, I redesigned my training program.  Here it is.

I still have an eight day week, training every other day (that may change to a seven day week at some point).  The four days are Squat, Bench, Deadlift, and a second Bench day (where I’ll do a bench variant).  I do a squat of some sort on deadlift day after pulling. Training is set up in three week cycles with a deload fourth week if necessary.

The cycles are set up based on percentages of a training max, and increase in volume and intensity over the three weeks.  There is a five, three, and one rep cycle, and typically I will rotate fives and threes, with an occasional cycle of singles (a good opportunity to work in my gear). All assistance work is done in 3-5 sets of 3-10 reps.

The best way to explain it is to post the first cycle of training.

Week 1


Squat 2×5 @ 290, 2×5 @ 235 (80% of 290)

RDL 3×5, Pull thrus, Abs


Bench Press 2×5 @ 225, 2×5 @ 180

DB Incline, Chins, Face Pulls, Triceps extensions


Deadlift 2×5 @ 290, 2×5 @ 235

SSB Low Box Squats 3×3, Reverse Hypers, abs, calf raises


Close Grip Bench, 3×3 @ 225

Rows 4×8, Side raises, pressdowns, hammer curls

Week 2


Squat 3×5 @ 300, 2×5 @ 240

RDL 3×5, Pullthru, abs


Bench Press 3×5 @ 230, 2×5 @ 185

DB Incline, chins, Face pulls, triceps extensions

Skipped Deadlifting and the second Bench sessions this week

Week 3


Squat 4×5 @ 310, 2×5 @ 250

RDL 3×5, Pullthru, abs


Bench 4×5 @ 235, 2×5 @ 190

Incline DB, Pullups, face pulls, triceps extensions


Deadlift 4×5 @ 310, 2×5 @ 250

SSB low box squat, reverse hyper, abs, calf raises

Skipped the second bench day this week

The skipped deadlift day was due to being busy, as was the first skipped bench day.  The second one was because I’m going to change that programming a little.

My next post will be the first week of threes, which will be done tomorrow.


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