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Sheiko #29, Week 1, Day 3

Couldn’t get it done today.  I’m not sure exactly what my performance means, but I have a couple of ideas.  The last 4 sets of deadlifts were to be triples with 375 off 4 inch boxes.  I couldn’t pull it once.

That means:

  1. I’m not in condition to handle this volume of work.  That’s possible, but I made it through Monday, which was much harder.
  2. I’ve never been strong off boxes or doing rack pulls.  Not sure why, or even what that means, but my max off a 4 inch box is probably the same as my max pull.  I have trouble getting the bar moving.  Maybe that’s a weak low back compared to hamstrings?  Switching to sumo might be the answer, but I don’t know that I pull more sumo than conventional.
  3. I just had a bad day.  I didn’t get 8 hours of sleep last night, and I didn’t eat as well as usual yesterday.  I think it’s possible, but it’s not an excuse, and shouldn’t be – I’ve had incredible training days after terrible nights of sleep.

Anyway, here are the details

Deadlift to Knees


2×3 @ 265

2×3 @ 305

4×3 @ 330

I liked these, they made me focus on the pull off the floor, and focus on keeping the bar close to my shins.

Incline Bench Press

4×6 @ 135

Incline benching with a normal grip bothers my shoulders, so I use a close grip.  Kept these light and manageable.



Deadlift from 4″ boxes



2×4 @ 330

375 x miss, miss, miss

330 felt OK.  I really feel these in my lower back, so maybe that’s a weakness.  Seemed really strange that 330 was OK but 375 barely moved.



Overall, while I’m not happy I couldn’t complete the prescribed sets, I still feel OK.  I might make an adjustment to my training maximum, although I looked ahead at the deadlift training next week, and it’s not as heavy, so I might just stick with it and see if today was just a bad day.



Sheiko #29, Week 1, Day 1

Without going into much detail; Sheiko fits my current training planning pretty well.  Since I’ve never tried it, I figured I’d give it a go.

Keep in mind, Sheiko’s routines were never designed to be cookie cutter routines.  They are templates for his athletes, which would be adjusted by their coach throughout the training cycle.  I am my own coach, so I’ll make minor adjustments as I see fit.

Today is day 1.

Bench Press

165 x 5

195 x 4

2×3 @ 225

5×3 @ 245



2×5 @ 245

5×5 @ 285

Bench Press

165 x 5

195 x 5

4×4 @ 225

DB Fly


Good Morning


Including warmups, this took a little under 2 hours.  My warm up is pretty extensive, though.  Also, the warmup sets are not included above.


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