Sheiko #29, Week 1, Day 1

Without going into much detail; Sheiko fits my current training planning pretty well.  Since I’ve never tried it, I figured I’d give it a go.

Keep in mind, Sheiko’s routines were never designed to be cookie cutter routines.  They are templates for his athletes, which would be adjusted by their coach throughout the training cycle.  I am my own coach, so I’ll make minor adjustments as I see fit.

Today is day 1.

Bench Press

165 x 5

195 x 4

2×3 @ 225

5×3 @ 245



2×5 @ 245

5×5 @ 285

Bench Press

165 x 5

195 x 5

4×4 @ 225

DB Fly


Good Morning


Including warmups, this took a little under 2 hours.  My warm up is pretty extensive, though.  Also, the warmup sets are not included above.



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