Sheiko #29 Week 2 Day 5

Today is the day of the misload.  I misread my log and was using the weights for next Monday for squats, and just brain farted when loading the bench press.  Both were too heavy, so I guess that’s OK, but that made today harder than it should have been.

Made for a rough day – I also didn’t get enough sleep last night.  And as much as I wanted to just quit, I got everything done.

Squat (with what the weight was supposed to be next to it)

225×5 (205)

265×4 (245)

2×3 @ 305 (285)

3×2 @ 345 (325) (At this point I realized my mistake)

2×2 @ 325

Bench Press



2×3 @ 225

2×2 @ 265 (260)




DB Fly




2×5 @ 245

4×4 @ 285

Good Morning




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