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This Week In Training

What’s up!

Been a while, huh?  Well, I’ve been busy, and blogging has seemed like a dead medium to me lately.  But I’d like to get back in the habit, so here’s a shot.  We’ll see ho wlong this lasts.

Training has been inconsistent because of business and because I’ve had a nagging shoulder issue.  I’ve reprioritized my time a bit to deal with work, and the shoulder thing is still there, but I’ve made some adjustments to work around it.

Here’s my training from the last week.

Tuesday 5/24

Buffalo Bar Low Box Squat, worked up to a pretty easy single at 325, then did RDLs, Band TKE’s and abs.

Thursday, 5/26

2 Board Presses, worked up and hit 275 for a single, 285 for a single, and then, just for kicks, hit 295 for a double. After that, I did incline DB presses, incline elbows out extensions, Hammer Strength pulldowns, pressdowns, and band pull aparts.

Friday, 5/27

Box squat, 8 sets of 2 with about a minute between sets with 225 and a light band, then singles with 275 and 315 and the bands.  Then I deadlifted, 8 singles with 315, with 30 seconds rest.  Then I did roller reverse hypers and abs.

Monday, 5/30

Bench pressed, 8 sets of 3, less than a minute rest, three grips, with 185 plus one set of chains, then 225 plus chains and 245 plus chains for singles.  Then I did 4 board presses, DB rows, lateral raises, pressdowns, and hammer curls.

The USAPL MD State Championships are going to be early this year, in August.  Not sure yet if that timing works (I have a vacation scheduled in August.  But for now I’m training like that’s my next meet.



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