This Week in Training

I’m a couple days late updating this week in training.  Here goes!

On the 7th, I did SSB goodmornings, just up to 225 for a single.  Then RDLs, TKEs, and incline situps.

On the 9th, I did 2 board presses, working up to 305 for a double.  Pretty happy with that.  Then I did DB inclines, Hammer Strength Pulldowns, Face Pulls, and pressdowns.

On the 14th, I did Box Squats, 10 sets of 2 with 235 and a light band, about a minute between sets.  Then I deadlifted, 6 singles with 335, then 365 for a pretty easy double, each set with about 30 seconds rest.  After that, I did reverse hypers and incline situps.

On the 15th, I benched.  8 sets of 3 with 185 plus a set of chains, all sets with less than a minute rest.  Then I did 4 board presses, DB rows, Lateral raises, and some tricep work.

I trained this morning, but you’ll have to wait for that until next week.



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