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My Opinion of David Brooks

He is a stunningly sanctimonious prick.

How many times have you been disappointed Paul Krugman took the day off?

Explaining Debt

Just stumbled across this.  It’s a couple of years old, but still applies… Awesome.

We Are Governed by Simpletons

Just so we’re all clear:

After weeks of a standoff, with Republicans fighting the Democrats to reduce spending and possibly alter or marginally improve the disaster that is Obamacare, yesterday Congress reached a compromise.

That compromise increased spending by $3 billion.  No changes to Obamacare.  No cuts in spending.

So they would have gotten closer to what they want had they just agreed three weeks ago.

Those Republicans sure drive a hard bargain.

This is why my blog is now pretty much just a training log.  I’m not going to change anyone’s mind, and certainly y’all don’t seem to have a plan that would stop electing these clowns.

Update:  The money went for a project in Mitch McConnell’s home state of KY.  If you don’t know, he’s the minority leader of the Senate (a Republican).  Apparently he needed the payoff.  I look forward to the Republican party standing behind a challenger in the primary.  (LOL)


You Say You Want Change

But you never actually do anything about it.  Oh, sure, you elected that hope and change guy, but he ended up pretty much like the rest; in some cases worse, as no President before him ordered the assassination of children by drone.

Yet you clamor, you complain.  You do everything except take responsibility.  See, the responsibility for the failing of the US Congress and Executive branch, heck, the failures at all levels, can be directly traced back to your action.

You elected these people.

Sure, you had to pick from the lesser of two evils in some cases; maybe you even believed what they stood for, or believed they were fighting the good fight, and it’s the other team who is to blame.  While one team is more a passing team, and one is more a running team, they are both playing football when we need to be playing, I don’t know, cribbage.

I’m here to help!  If you follow these simple instructions at all levels of government the next opportunity you have to vote, we can slowly, steadily, create change.  (Note:  I’m using Maryland as an example.  Rules in your state primary elections may differ.)

Step 1:  If you vote in the primary election (are a Republican or a Democrat) go to the polling place.  NOTHING changes if you don’t bother to show up

Step 2:  For each office, find the name of the person holding that office.  Vote for someone else.

Step 3:  If there is no incumbent running for office, vote for the one who does not have the same last name as someone who is in office or has been in office (In Baltimore, those names might include Rawlings, Curran, Mitchell, etc.)

Step 4:  In the General Election, for each office, find the name of the incumbent (unless that person lost in the primary!).  Vote for someone else.

Step 5:  Again, if there is no incumbent, vote for the one who does not have the same last name as someone who is in or has been in office.  Include in this group anyone running who was in a lesser office previously (For example, the Lieutenant Governor running for Governor, or Congressman running for Senate).

Step 6:  Repeat as needed, most likely for twenty to forty years.

You don’t have to vote against your conscience, at almost every level there are “third party” candidates running who closely mirror your political viewpoints.  On the off chance there are not certainly in most instances, the R and the D on the ballot agree on 80% or more issues.  If you really just can’t vote for the other team, then just don’t vote for that office.

The key here is to STOP REWARDING THESE PEOPLE YOU SAY CONTINUE TO FAIL.  Stop treating politics like it’s your team vs their team, and for goodness sake, stop giving your team a free pass.

Maybe your children will get to see some real political change.

Education By Housekeeper

Our housekeeper is from Poland. She gives an excellent 5 minute talk on socialized medicine. I can not do her accent justice, but I will try to sum it up:

Is okay for the rich people, and is okay for the very poor people, but for the working people, they take half of the money you earn at your job, and you have to wait six months for a CAT scan unless you pay them more.

Of course, I’m sure the people in the US who will eventually run our health care system are much smarter and much less corrupt than the people who run the Polish system; you can tell by the complete lack of corruption in government as it stands now.

She also has a much better understanding of the Second Amendment to the Constitution than virtually anyone I’ve ever met.

We could not have the guns, and sometimes, the police and the military were not on our side.

From The Playbook

Al-Qaeda is on a path to defeat.

Maybe we should consider not spying on Americans, adjust “security”, and threaten to defund some of those efforts.

Uh-oh!  Terrorists!

And the American public keeps falling for it.

Why the Baltimore Sun has No Credibility

The TV critic can’t even hide his bias.

Sinclair’s conservative orientation is no secret. The company has long backed conservative candidates and causes.

And, as a result, Sinclair management does do some stuff that might be considered, well, hinky.

How on Earth did this get past an editor?  And how can we possibly take anything else he says seriously when he says this:

The question is whether its newly-acquired Washington muscle is going to tempt management into surrendering to its worst ideological tendencies — letting politics trump its journalism.

Well, thank goodness The Sun is looking out for that!


Interesting Split

Here’s how the Maryland Delegation voted on the Amash Amendment to defund NSA data collection (better known as searches without warrants).  An AYE vote is a vote against warrantless spying, a NO vote is a vote with the Obama Administration to continue viewing the Constitution as an inconvenient list of suggestions.

Interesting how they are split.  Andy Harris I suspect would have voted NO were there an (R) next to the President’s name.  The rest are Democrats, and 3 of them are splitting from the Administration.

AYE   R Harris, Andy MD 1st
NO   D Ruppersberger, A. Dutch MD 2nd
AYE   D Sarbanes, John MD 3rd
AYE   D Edwards, Donna MD 4th
NO   D Hoyer, Steny MD 5th
NO   D Delaney, John MD 6th
AYE   D Cummings, Elijah MD 7th
NO   D Van Hollen, Chris MD 8th

I recommend holding the NO voters accountable, but there’s not much history of that in Maryland.


I’m perry sure if it is constitutional to force people to purchase health insurance, it is constitutional to force them to own a firearm.

Once you’ve decided the government can force one thing, you’ve often decided the government can force things you don’t like very much.

Liberty in a Sentence

Free people should be at least as well armed as the people collecting the taxes.

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