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Jamie and I, along with friends D, R, G, M, and M went to Aldo’s for dinner last night.  We all ordered off the restaurant week menu, and the overall consensus was the food was good.

I had a wonderful panzanella, then steak frites, and pana cotta for dessert.  My food was decent, I loved the salad, the steak was ok, the dessert was very good.  It’s restaurant week, so you can’t expect to be blown away by the food.  The suggested wine pairings were very good and a reasonable price.

The real treat was the service.  It took a bit for our waiter, Enrico, to warm up to us, but he did, and we’ll ask for him when we return (and we will return, we made reservations for the fantastic wine room in a couple of weeks.)  He comped us all several glasses of cream lemoncello (yum!), as well as gave us all a tour of the restaurant, including the cheese cave and wine cellar, along with commentary on the history of the building and of the owner.

Can’t wait to go back for the chef’s tasting menu with wine pairings.

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