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In case you were wondering

A Rice Krispy treat, coated in caramel, drizzled with chocolate is exactly as awesome as you think it might be.

Back from vacation, a much needed respite.  Spent 4 days in Providence, RI.  Very pretty city, cool history, and well preserved architecture without stifling progress.  Also one of the coolest community art installations, completely funded and run without the use of force.

We also spent 4 days at a wonderful B&B (Hydrangea House Inn) in Newport, RI.  Again, fantastic preservation of historic mansions, and a really nice seaport town.  Excellent food, too.

Yesterday watched soccer all day and puttered around the house, today relaxing, then having a little get together on the roof with wine, cheese, and fireworks.  Back to the gym tomorrow, back to the reality of working for a living on Tuesday.

Hope you are having a great holiday weekend.

Sonos gets it right

I’ve written before about how Sonos is the coolest thing ever (see here, here, here, and here.)

Sonos now not only has a fantastic product and service, but is showing everyone how it’s done to connect with customers via social networks.

Due to some of the posts above, I traded a couple of emails  over the past few years with some folks at Sonos, and had the opportunity to check out a few things before they got released to the public.  I’ve also participated a little on the Sonos Forums.  That was all really cool.

They’ve been using Twitter for a while, now.  They will regularly retweet messages from folks looking for input on Sonos, tweet about free music, cool stations, etc.  I’ve responded a few times to people about Sonos, and they are keeping tabs on what gets said.  There’s something special about how they are using social media.  Every message isn’t ‘hey, buy our stuff!’, it’s more about connections with the people who use or might use their products, offering information, and adding value to both the use of their product and the use of the social media outlet.

A couple of days ago, I got a package in the mail from Thomas at Sonos.  In that package was a Sonos T-shirt, and a personalized letter thanking me for my business and my feedback and offering personal assistance any time I want to make another Sonos purchase (which I am soon, as I need two more ZonePlayers and I want the new controller).  All due to our interaction on Twitter.  These small acts, all put together, create a very strong brand, and very strong brand loyalty.

If you are at all considering a whole house music system, you have to look at Sonos.  And if you are considering using social media to build your brand and connect with customers, you’d be well served following Sonos’ example.

My current Sonos setup consists of a Buffalo Linkstation 500G, 6 Sonos ZonePlayers (Roof, Upstairs den/loft, Bedroom/master bath, office/guestroom, Living room, Kitchen), 3 Sonos Controllers.  Simple and awesome.  We’re probably adding a Zoneplayer for the exercise room and kitchen deck, and possibly separating the two sets of roof speakers and the speakers in the bedroom/bathroom.  It’s simple, elegant, and just works.  It’s always a hit at a party, my guests are facinated by the system, and always figure out how to use it in minutes.  Even my ESL housekeeper (she’s from Poland) found music she likes on the internet and had it blaring in the house while she cleans, although sometimes she forgets to turn it off.

If anyone ever has any questions about how Sonos works from someone who owns one, I’m happy to answer – email me, comment here, or send it to @Paul_Stagg on Twitter.

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