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Been too busy to blog, obviously.

Business is going well, up and running, having fun, lots of learning.

Got a new puppy.  She’s awesome, but pretty much takes up any spare time.

Training has not been going.  Busy with puppy and business has left no time for lifting, but things are settling down and I’ll be back to it this week.

Just got some great wines, so should be doing more wine blogging and getting http://www.mdwinereport .com up and running soon.



On Wisconsin

I’ve been busy, so my interest in any current events has been minimal.  I’m generally uninterested in what is happening in Wisconsin.

I do think it will expose the American Left/Democratic Party/Public Employee Unions for what they really are:  organizations primarily interested in separating taxpayers from their money, and moving that money to the pockets of public employees.

By pretty much any means necessary.

Far too many people rely on the state for employment.  When that happens, it creates huge problems.  I think this is just the start of the next great political fight.  The good news is that there are still more taxpayers than there are public employees.


I’m really busy, and don’t have much to say

So I’m not blogging much.  Starting to get in to the swing of the new job, but I still don’t have little things, like an office or phone, so it’s still a little disorganized and frustrating.

It’s overwhelming, though.  Lots of hours, lots to learn; it’s really been consuming all my time and energy.  I just caught up on WLTV, and had two weeks of episodes to watch.

Gonna try to get to the gym Tuesday morning.  I really need to get my life in order if work isn’t going to be.

Not much to say about current events.  I didn’t watch the SOTU, as it’s become a pointless speech; I got sick of listening to people discuss banning firearms and speech because a congresswoman got shot by a lunatic, and I don’t quite have the time to try to figure out what’s going on in Egypt.

I don’t even have time to fund my HSA or look at my Scottrade account.  I should probably be shopping for an accountant, because there’s no way I’ll have the time or energy for taxes.

Anyway, I do still occasionally drink and blog about wine, and have an idea for a good article at Bleacher Report… maybe this week.  Maybe not.

Work’s crazy

Thus the light posting.  Was out of town this week for work, ended up sleep deprived, so haven’t been to the gym, either.  Work is going to stay busy for quite some time, so I’m going to need to man up if I want to stay on track.

Trying a little experiment next week.  I normally don’t train on days I’m out on the road, but next week I’m going to give it a go, since I didn’t get to the gym this weekend (mostly because of sleep, but also because of heat and lazy).  I have to go to Philly on Monday and Tuesday, both days I’m going to hit the gym after I get back.  Monday will be the longer/later of the two days.  I also have to go to a meeting in NJ on Wednesday, so it’s a busy week.

Blogging will remain light, as it’s certainly behind training and working on my list of what’s important.

Off the grid

As usual, you can tell that I’m busy at work when blogging comes to a complete halt.  There’s a lot going on, and I need to stay focused on what I’m doing, which means less time to write on the internets.

I’m involved in a couple of projects that are taking up a lot of time, and we’re also going to take a little vacation, so for the next month to 6 weeks posts will be sparse.

Training is still a priority, although I tend to be a Blast/Dust person; I’m going to stick with it as best I can, but there may be some changes as I may not be able to train much during the work week.

I’m going to bench today, though!


Busy, busy work week.  Flew to Atlanta on Monday afternoon, got back 2am on Thursday, then had a long busy day, today has been the same.  I have some errands to run before rush hour, so trying to get out of the office, thus no time for reading the internets and commenting about it.

Training will resume Sunday, probably repeat the last full week and get after it.  I can’t wait.   Also learned something today about how to build a more solid cardiac base level, going to implement it next week as well, so I can get to the point that more intense work (sprinting, etc) will be effective.

You’ll see a training post on Sunday if nothing before then.

Also, happy birthday tomorrow to the awesomest realtor ever

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