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Things I saw today

Here’s a list of things I saw today at the Safeway in the Canton neighborhood of Baltimore, Maryland.  Please keep in mind there is a local panic because it is going to snow tomorrow.

  • A hipster who was dumbfounded by all of the choices in the frozen juice section
  • A woman using her Independence Card while talking on her iPhone in line
  • A man in the “Express” line (15 items or less) with about 30 things, and a near riot starting behind him in line
  • 34 people in lines to check out, 22 of whom had both milk and toilet paper in their carts (I couldn’t see if they also had bread, many did).   The rest of us were in the “Express” lines behind the guy with too many things and the woman who is too poor to eat but can afford an iPhone

Heading off to the gym!


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