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Lots of people don’t trust the government!

A recent poll shows 20% of the population may not fill out the Census form this year.  Of those, about 25% say it’s because they don’t trust the government.

Asked why they were unlikely to participate, more than half said it was because they were too busy, not interested or weren’t familiar with the census. One-fourth cited distrust of government or concerns about privacy.

Nearly one-third said they believe the data could be used to locate illegal immigrants or said they weren’t certain if it could. Census director Robert Groves has repeatedly said the information would be kept confidential.

While the theme of this article focuses on those who won’t comply because they are unaware of the census, I think it’s important to note how many people don’t trust the government.  I happen to think this is a good thing, perhaps as more people hold this view, we’ll be better off.

They also don’t address those of us who will answer the question “how many people live in your house”, which is the one the Constitution says the government can ask me, but will not answer any additional questions (like age, sex, race, or how many toilets.)  I’d like to know that, as I’m one of those people.

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