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Christmas Shopping

I did all my Christmas shopping online this year.

I have to say, while it’s incredibly convenient and time efficient, it took some of the fun out of the season for me.  That’s not a bad thing (we didn’t decorate, either) because of the move and renovation we really weren’t able to do much.  We didn’t entertain either, we’re still not quite ready for that.  The Feast of Seven Fishes Christmas Eve dinner will be off site, I’m sure Aldo’s won’t disappoint.

I normally enjoy toy shopping for my six nieces and nephews (and two second cousins – I’ll stick to calling them a niece and a nephew, too, if that’s OK with you); I connect with the kids, and that’s really what it’s all about.  I also like to support local business where I can, and while I often end up at a Toys ‘R Us (in Delaware, to avoid sales tax), I usually get a few things at local shops (Amuse in Fells Point is awesome).

So, I’m not all Christmasy.  Maybe I’ll go to the mall Monday and just walk around.  I’m leaving if they play that Christmas shoes song, though.


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