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President Obama’s Islamic Extremism Proven!

While the intelligence of the American population can be underwhelming (just look at Congress!), every once in a while I see something that’s just remarkably stupid.  This is one of those things.

The author of that blog has discovered the undoubtable link between President Obama and Islamic Fascism!  He tried to sneak it by us in a missile defense logo, but we caught on, buddy.  (I also find it rather upsetting that there are 145 comments, many of which take this blogger seriously; I don’t think 145 people even read my blog.)

Anyone reading this has to know I am no fan of President Obama or his policies.  He’s done more than expected on the growth of government intrusion, and much less than expected on reversing the course of the Bush Administration’s power grabs (Gitmo closed?  Patriot Act repealed?)  But this type of stuff brings down a lot of good things by association.

Further, the author missed the most important point:  Our tax money is being used to redesign logos?  Why are we wasting that money?

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