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If cavemen had ice cream, they would have eaten it

It’s time to set something straight:  Carbs are not the devil.

Yes, people eat too many refined carbs.  Yes, the FDA’s Food Pyramid is more about which lobbyist spends the most money than it is about health.  No, fat (including saturated fat) is not evil.

But eating a sandwich isn’t going to hurt you, and if you are interested in any kind of athletic performance, it will probably help.

Apply some balance (and some critical thinking) to your life and your diet.  Eat a serving of veggies with every meal.  Build your meals around lean meat and veggies.  Have some fruit.  Eat some nuts.  Limit your consumption of refined foods.  But eating potatoes, or rice, or an English muffin isn’t going to hurt you.

“Paleo” dieting isn’t generally a magic solution to your problems.  There may well be some research showing limiting carb intake isn’t a bad idea, and there’s some research on inflammatory disorders and high carb intake.  But the research isn’t definitive.  So get off the dogmatism and have a cookie.



Stutter Step

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned I was going to work on getting a little leaner.  As you may have noticed from my lack of training updates, I got busy.  Real busy, with work travel, work meetings, and catching up from work travel and work meetings.  And sleep deprivation.

I’m back to normal, now, and I’m getting back to it.

This morning, I’m 238 pounds, with a 40 inch waist at the navel.  That’s about 20% bodyfat.

I’m also resetting my squat poundages.  I screwed up at the start of using 5/3/1, and had my squat base set too high.  I thought it was my hatred for doing more than 3 reps, but my deadlift has taken off, so I think it more likely I messed up from the beginning.

Pounds and Calories

This morning, I weighed in at 236 pounds. I don’t know what my waist is because I can’t find the tape measure, but it’s probably 39 or 40, putting me about 20% (of course).

My daily calorie allottment is 2400. Today, I’ve eaten 2431 (how about that?), 241g protein, 188g carbs, and 79g fat. I’m going to bed hungry. Tomorrow, I’m driving to Carlstadt, NJ for a meeting, then back home. That’ll be 6-7 hours in the car, and a business lunch, so I doubt things will be as good as today, but I’m going to give it a go.

Tha August Plan

I’m a planner, both professionally and personally.  I have a tendency to overthink things and overplan things, which serves me well professionally, but sometimes not so well personally, specifically when it comes to training and dieting.  I’ve overplanned and overthought my way to mediocre and chubby, and only through really simplifying and focusing on the basics have made some nice progress this year.

5/3/1 is exactly what I needed to rebuild my base, and including cardio/conditioning has, if nothing else, made me feel better.  But there’s still a little more I need to do.

I’m still too chubby for my tastes, running aroud 20% bodyfat.  My blood pressure is a little high, and I’m still not in the condition I’d like.  Plus, we’re going to San Diego in November, and I’d like to be more comfortable in my clothes.  Seriously.

So, for August, I have to pull it together.  Here’s the plan

Training stays with 5/3/1.  It’s getting closer to PR 1RMs, so it’s going to get tougher.  I’m also thinking I might add in some assistance stuff to help build work capacity and maybe build some muscle.  I’m also going to do a minimum of 2 hours steady state cardio in the 130-150 bpm range each week.  If my recovery seems OK, I’m going to add in one day of harder conditioning (sprinting, sandbags, etc).

Dieting has to be on.  I hate it, but that’s the way it goes.  So, for August, I plan to average 2400 calories per day, with a minimum of 250g of protein each day.  The rest of it will vary; my job makes it tough to eat ‘clean’ all the time, but I can make sure I get 5 servings of veggies and enough meat.

Weight and waist tomorrow.  Today will include pizza, filet mignon, and ice cream.

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