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Is Louisiana the safest state?

Well, it is if you consider keeping the public safe from poorly arranged flowers.

The new lawsuit, which was filed this week, is also backed up by a recent I.J. study in which “Louisiana-licensed florists as well as unlicensed florists from across the border in Texas were asked to judge a random line-up of floral arrangements—25 purchased from shops in regulated Louisiana and 25 purchased from unregulated Texas.” Guess what? “Not even the licensed Louisiana florists could find any difference in the quality of the arrangements.” Yet Thomas Spedale, a licensed florist in Lafayette who likes the idea of having the state artificially restrict his competition, says Louisiana’s legislators were farsighted to perceive a threat to the public from improperly arranged flowers and nip it in the bud:

“We are the only state in the union who has this law, and I think we lead the nation. I think Louisiana has this right. This is protection for the consumer.”

Some things shouldn’t even need the Constitution to be overturned, being stupid should be enough.

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