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Quote of the Day, on Elections Mattering

Radley Balko (the Agitator) has a great post up today on Libertarians supporting GOP candidates, as well as what he’d like to see the morning after an election.

Me, I’m cheering for elections to matter less, and for politicians to have less impact on my life. I dream of waking up to find the results of the November 2 election on page A-10 of my November 3rd newspaper—because no one cared, because very little was at stake, because we stopped pinning our hopes and dreams on the results of a perverse process dominated by generally horrible people who have made a career of accumulating power for the sake of accumulating power.

Me too!  We need to get away from technocracy and instead just take the power away, regardless of who is in charge.  We would all be better off.




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