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I’m Busy and Distracted

But it’s not all bad, in fact, some of it’s quite good!

First things first though:  I haven’t trained for about a month.  It’s my own fault that I let other stuff interfere with getting done what I need to get done, and those mistakes will keep me from achieving my goal of totalling 1200 in a meet.  The MD State PL Championships is scheduled for November 20, and I will just be getting back in to lifting shape, I don’t have any gear, and I’m just not prepared to commit what it takes to get there and perform well.

So I’ll go back and reevaluate where I want to go this next year, and come up with a plan.  Maybe this time I’ll execute it. Continue reading


No Excuses

Having one of those days where you just don’t feel up to going to the gym?  Too much work, stressed out, maybe didn’t eat right?  Not enough sleep?

Read this.

After that was written, he went 495/341/506 @220lb unequipped at the meet.

You don’t get to have excuses any more.

Neither do I.

Still Not Training: Update

So, another 10 days without training.  Last Friday, I woke up a little stiff and drove to Hainesport, NJ for a meeting.  When I got home, my back was bothering me a bit.  Then J and I went to see Working It Out at Centerstage.  Our seats were barstools, so I was a little uncomfortable, and when we got home, my back was really tight, but I wasn’t concerned.

Saturday, I could barely get out of bed.  Sunday was worse.  Monday I went to the chiropractor, and he asked if I was on anything (painkillers) for my stitched up finger.  I responded that I wasn’t, I had taken ibuprofen for a couple of days to keep the swelling down, but had stopped mid week.  I was, however, on Cephalexin, an antibiotic.  He checked really quickly, and found one of the side effects is joint pain.  Well, that explained the little bit of knee and elbow pain I had that I thought was just from not being mobile for a couple of days, but not the overwhelming spasms running from my neck to my lower back.

So he did his thing, I took an Epsom salt bath, and started the ibuprofen back up.  Tuesday morning, I was able to move, and drive to The Meadowlands and back.  After the adjustment, bath, and NSAID, it was clear the pain was starting in my SI joint, so damn if it doesn’t seem that it’s a result of the antibiotic, which was a result of the finger cut.  I had stopped taking them Monday night.

Oh, and while my stitches came out Monday afternoon, I still have to keep it completely dry for 3-4 more days.  I’m no gremiphobe, but I’m not going to the gym if I can’t wash my hands.

Anyway, another Epsom salt bath last night, sticking to 800mg ibuprofen 3x a day (please don’t tell the FDA), and my back feels better, but not great.  I guess I have to wait for the antibiotics to get out of my system.

So maybe this weekend, but more likely we’re looking at next week.

Since it’s been so long, I’m probably just going to do something like Starting Strength for a while to get back to normal with some conditioning worked in, then move back to Wender’s 5/3/1 or a Conjugate system.  the plan to get into a meet early this year is out the door, so it looks like I’ll be looking at late in the year.  By then I’ll be a Masters division lifter, so my lifts will look more impressive, I guess.

I’m blaming the Polish Lucky Fish I ate on New Years Eve.  Since then, I’ve sprained my wrist, been pretty sick twice, sliced my finger and got 4 stitches, and had my back go.

Another training update with no training in it

So I was all fired up to get back to the gym this week, then came down with a GI bug that put me out of commission for most of the week.  But this weekend, boy, I’m all set.

Until I decided to make a pot roast and cut up some potatoes.

4 stitches in my left index finger and a tetanus shot later, I’m out of commission again. I can’t bend my finger, so I can’t grip a barbell. I think I’ll change the bandage in a few days to see if I can get some mobility, but in all likelihood, I’ll wait until the stitches come out (Monday the 15th). I am going to get outside and do some conditioning, as the snow is gone and the weather is getting nicer.

Quick training update

Now that the snowstorms are over and my wife and I can get around without my AWD, I can work on getting my schedule back to normal.

That is until I have to be on the road most of next week.  Lots of long driving days coming up, so I’m not sure how training is going to fit into that.  Gotta get it figured out.

When I get back, I’ll do several weeks of pretty basic stuff to get back in the swing of things.  At least I got some conditioning done shoveling snow.  Be back to posting my training log soon.

Not back to normal yet

You may have heard Baltimore was hit with two historic snowstorms in a week.  So while I expected this week to be back to normal, 50 inches of snow is not “normal”.  We’re dug out and doing fine, but no training.  Lots of shoveling, though, so that’s something.

I expect something like normalcy to start on Monday.

This seems to happen every year

Every year I say it won’t, then it does again.

Between a sprained wrist, a sprained ankle, and work, I’m back in the ‘not going to the gym’ pattern.  The sprains are healing (ankle is about 95%, wrist is worse, but getting there), but my work life has gotten out of control.  It happens, and it’s part of why they pay me what they pay me, so I just need to suck it up and deal with it.

Unfortunately, that tends to move training to the back burner.

This is yet another one of those weeks.  I know I won’t get to the gym this week.  I have a day and a half to get all my normal work done, then the rest of the week is travel and meetings.  So normal lifting will resume on Sunday the 7th.  The good news is I should be able to settle back into a normal work pattern after this week, and should have a good 3-6 months without much disruption other than maybe a trip to Napa.

(Yes, I could man up and make training a priority.  For me, though, my training wouldn’t be 100% and my work would suffer, so I have to pick one over the other.  If I got paid to lift, well…)

Another Training Update: No Training

My wrist is probably at 80%, good enough to train, but not perfect.  My ankle is 90%, no worries there.  I planned to get back on schedule today, but after a week out of town for work, then a weekend with a couple of late nights, my sleep is all screwed up.  I’m trying to get back to my normal wake time (5am), but that meant a night of little sleep last night.

I’m driving back and forth to Philly for the next three days, so I think I’ll be back on my sleep schedule and feeling good by Friday.

Another quick training update

Wrist is improving, but not 100%.  Was excited to start some cardio, carry it through next week, and get back on track with my plan next weekend (Jan 15th or so).

This morning, while walking the dog in a bit of snow, I rolled my ankle on a gap in the sidewalk (that I couldn’t see because of the snow.)  I don’t think it’s all that serious, but I haven’t taken my boot off yet.  Probably just a little sprain, but enough to keep me from doing much of anything now for a couple more days. 

Maybe some cardio Monday.  It’s a great week to get some done, I’ve got a work thing that will have me tied up during the day and into the evening, so getting back on track with the AM cardiac training is the only thing I’ll be able to do, anyway.

Hopefully I’m getting all of this out of the way for the year now.

Taking a few days off

Saturday, I carried 4 20×20 pavers up to the roof (4 stories), and 4 16×16 (two at a time for those). I felt OK yesterday, and had planned to squat, but a botched delivery time (they were supposed to come in the AM, but didn’t get here until after 2, and took longer to get things done than expected), kept me home instead of getting to the gym.

Today, I’m stiff as all get out, and one of my knees is bothering me. I’m heading out on a business trip this afternoon (I have to leave my house by 1:45); the plan was to squat and press quickly this morning. Ain’t gonna happen.

So, I’ll squat on Thursday or Friday. I think I’ll just pick up where I left off, but might redo the last week of 5’s.

Not happy about it, but there’s not much I can do when my schedule gets blown up. Would have been no big deal to blow off a press workout and stay on track, but I don’t want to skip squatting.

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