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Is this the NFL

I was watching NFL Gameday tis morning, while they were discussing Cam Newton, and his recent complaints of being teated differently than other quarterbacks.

The discussion mostly revolved around the idea that Cam Newton, as a young star quarterback, must be protected.

My only thought was “are they talking about football?”  This is professional football, and the major pre game show is talking about the importance of making sure a player doesn’t get tackled.

I’m not wondering as much why ratings are down.


Grow Up

Some very good advice from Jim Wendler.

Mason Darrow didn’t choose to be gay and I can’t imagine the stress of telling his teammates. But I can assure you that if his teammates didn’t get on his case about him being gay, he would have been alone in that locker room.  There is a difference between hate and busting balls.  This has been understood by high school kids, in locker rooms, for decades.  Somehow this has been lost by those too busy to police the world than to mind their own goddamn business.

I think a lot of people would be happier, and they would find more success, if they quit worrying about other people and started worrying about themselves.  Live your life, focus on getting yourself the best you can be.  Let other people worry about themselves.

Emmett Burns is a Jackass

Emmet Burns wrote a letter complaining, no DEMANDING, that a Ravens player shut his mouth.

What a complete and utter jackass.

Some Surprises on the Ravens Roster

As all 32 NFL teams cut down to their 53 man roster this weekend, there were some surprises, and the Ravens were no exception.

The first surprise to me was they were serious about carrying just 2 quarterbacks, and cut Troy Smith. This is a surprise, as I thought he might have some trade value at a minimum if they decided not to go with 3 QBs. I guess he doesn’t, which will certainly be a blow to his ego.

I imagine he’ll end up a third QB somewhere in the league.

That move also makes it very clear the Ravens will not resort to much trickery this year with the ‘Wildcat’ or ‘Suggs Package’ on offense.

I’m also surprised by the Antwan Barnes trade to the Eagles, which opened up a roster spot for either Jason Phillips, Edgar Jones, or Prescott Burgess.

Phillips performed well in camp, but not well in the last preseason game. I think they are looking at him as a project; he’s got enough talent to keep for the future. Jones is a very flexible player, but not a standout OLB/DE. He’s outstanding on special teams, but so was Barnes.

Burgess hasn’t impressed me much this year, but the Ravens see something in him worth keeping.

The depth at Linebacker made this trade possible, and hopefully the Ravens will see some value out of the draft pick next year.

I’m not at all surprised Demetrius Williams was cut. His performance has been inconsistent over the last several years, he’s injury prone, and hasn’t lived up to expectations. He may move on to another team and do very well, perhaps a change of scenery is what he needs to reach his potential.

Smith and Reed both have just as much upside as Williams, and I think less risk and less baggage.

I also wasn’t surprised by the choice of kicker. While there was speculation that Shayne Graham was ‘the guy’, he and Cundiff were very close on field goal performance, but Cundiff has the stronger leg for kickoffs. In the AFC North, field position often wins games, and I think that is what drove the Ravens’ choice.

I fully expected Ed Reed to end up on the Reserve PUP list. There was just no way he would be ready for the Jets, and I still think the Ravens are looking at their talent at Safety and considering the possibility of putting Reed on IR. That lets him heal and come back healthy next year, or possibly sets up a trade. I don’t think his attitude made him any friends in the Ravens front office or coaching staff this offseason.

While he’s one of the best to play the game, the Ravens can win without him.

As expected, the Ravens cut some players who will end up on rosters elsewhere in the league. Ozzie Newsome and team continue to build a deep talent pool, and are set not only to make a playoff run this year, but set for the future with a pretty young, very talented team.

This was also posted at Bleacher Report.

10 Things for Ravens Fans to Watch

When they play the ‘Skins on Saturday.  A new article up at Bleacher Report

Ravens offseason moves look good to me

I wasn’t sure it would be possible to be more excited about an upcoming Ravens’ season than I was last year, but I am.

The addition of Dante Stallworth for a bargain price is a great risk/reward.  If he can stay healthy he will make a difference on the field, and his off the field issue shouldn’t be an issue any longer.  He took responsibility for the DWI and served his time and suspension without complaint.   Signing Anquan Boldin was a huge upgrade.  It’s trite, but he does play like a Raven.  And, they resigned Derrick Mason, giving them 2 solid tough guys.  I expect they’ll keep Mark Clayton, and will pick up a guy or two who can play special teams and catch the football.  I’d like to see them find a way to keep Kelley Washington as he’s a fun player; I don’t know that there’s room.

Losing Bannan and Edwards stinks, but they both got contracts that were more than their value to the team.  Good for them, and I hope they both have success.  Picking up Cory Redding is probably a net negative at DT, but he’s got promise.  Again, I think there might be another move to grab a D Lineman soon; and with Suggs in town for workouts and trying to come into camp in better shape than last year (without any contract BS) should give them a solid outside pass rush.  Redding has the ability to bring some flexibility as an inside or outside pass rusher.

The two areas of concern right now are tight end and corner.  Todd Heap isn’t the player he was, I’d like to see a young TE get groomed to replace him in a few years.  I think the corners will be solid, but I’m not sure Webb will be ready to go at the start of the season.

As in the past, though, the roster looks solid enough that they can go get the best player available in the draft, which is the strategy I prefer.

I still think we might see a deal that moves Troy Smith or (more likely) Willis McGahee.  Smith has said he wants to go elsewhere for a shot to start.  I don’t see any opportunity for him and would like him to stay a Raven, but certainly think they will let him go if someone matches his tender.  McGahee has more gas in the tank to be a starter; again I like the role he plays here, but he’s an expensive second back.

All in all, they are going to be a better team next year.  That’s exciting.

Quick sports post

Two things.

First, the NCAA Mens’ Basketball Tournament might be my second favorite sporting event behind the World Cup.  The difference is that I like soccer, and don’t really care much about college hoops, but I love the tournament.  Love the upsets.

Second, I have the solution to the NFL OT problem.  No need for this foolishness

If the team that falls behind by three points on the first series also kicks a field goal, then the game would continue under current sudden death rules.

Clearly, after moving the kickoff back, the team winning the toss had an advantage, and statistically that’s been shown.  Instead, the players union needs to change its collective skirt, man up, and play an extra period.  15 minutes is too long?  Fine, play 10, or 7.  But play a timed overtime.  If it’s tied after that, it’s a tie, in the playoffs, go to sudden death.

There is no other solution other than leaving it be.

Quick offseason footblogging

Dear Ravens:




Big Fan

Just one NFL game in the UK again next year

According to Pro Football Talk, the NFL has decided against adding a game in the UK next year.  I’m pretty happy about that, as the rumor was the second game might be the Ravens.

I think the overseas game is a huge liability for both teams involved, creating issues with the weeks prior to and after the game.  I don’t think the NFL should play any games outside a team’s home field (unless the field is unplayable).

A fitting end to the season

After the disappointment of a 20-3 loss to Indianapolis, the Ravens’ season ends on a fitting note. There’s not much to say about the game yesterday; they got beat. It looked like they left the kick ass team in New England.

This game was much like the season, which was a tale of two teams.  The great team, the one that beat the Chargers, came back from down 17 points to lose by 2 against the Vikings, whooped the Broncos, and then dismantled the Patriots; versus the one that lost to the Bengals twice, the one that showed up flat against the Packers on Monday night, and the one that traveled to Indianapolis.

All in all, it’s a great year when the team makes the playoffs, and this is a remarkable achievement for a young coach and a young quarterback to go two years in a row.  But, we had very high expectations, and they weren’t met.

I guess that’s why they play the games.

Next year will be interesting.  Certainly there won’t be the same level of preseason expectations, as there will be a lot of uncertainty.  Derrick Mason probably retires.  Ed Reed said he might be done (and I think he is).  There’s a no cap season coming, and a lot of free agents on the team.  There’s a lot of potential with Flacco and Rice, and solid depth at linebacker.  So the Ravens may look much different in 2010.  I’m looking forward to it.

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