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Quote of the Day, Perspective Edition

Well said by “Ken” at Popehat.

Meanwhile, please remember that thoughtful and important people want you to know that libertarianism is a fringe belief and that legislators are just regular folks whose service ought to be respected.


Plain and Simple

The government should not be able to make this happen.  The government has no right to make you sell only products they approve.  They have no right to regulate what your product is, only that the states don’t inhibit it’s trade.

Somehow that stopped mattering some time ago. 

By the way, y’all do know that rum/whiskey and Coke has caffeine in it, right?  HFCS, too.  I guess that’s next?

(Kids:  when I was younger, we made our own Four Loko:  Southern Comfort and Mountain Dew.  I believe that is still legal.  Don’t forget who is looking out for you.)


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