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An Open Letter to Republicans

Dear Republicans,

You have an opportunity in 2012.  You are running against the weakest President since Carter.  He has to run on his record, now, and there’s an awful lot of easy ammunition there.

Yet the best you can apparently do is Mitt Romney, and you are considering Rick Santorum?

I think Mitt can win.  I don’t think there are significant differences between his positions and those of The One, but he’s probably marginally better.

Santorum?  No.  Have you learned nothing from the strength of the Ron Paul support?  Do you understand that support will line up behind Gary Johnson as soon as the Republican primary race is over if Santorum is the nominee?

I think Gary Johnson could be the difference in a couple of states regardless of the nominee, but you all best realize how many people in your ranks lean towards Libertarianism.  Sure, some on the Left will place a protest vote for Johnson as well, but the real alignment is with some of your ranks.

Just letting you know.

Don’t worry about me, though.  I’m voting for Johnson regardless.


A Warning to Republicans

Sarah Palin says she’s “willing” to take on President Obama in 2012.

If she wins your primary elections, you all better be willing to have another 4 years of President Obama.  He might be a lot like Carter, but she’s not anything like Reagan.

Oh, and to folks calling themselves members of the “Tea Party” movement:  chanting “Run Sarah, Run” doesn’t give you much credibility.  That she endorsed Rand Paul is nice, but doesn’t absolve her.

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