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A pretty good week for Liberty

First, the Democrats lose their supermajority in the Senate (in Massachusetts, no less!) which will effectively kill the awful health care reform bills and hopefully cap and trade.  There’s talk of trying to get heath care passed via attaching it to a spending bill, but I think lots of Democrats in the House and Senate realize that could be political suicide.  Remember, it didn’t pass by much in the House, and there are lots of Senators looking at being Changed ™ this fall if they don’t pay attention to their constituents.

Second, the ruling I’ve been waiting for:  SCOTUS rules most of McCain-Feingold is unconstitutional.  (The tone of this news story is just fantastic.  Good thing there’s no bias.)  It was obvious to me that the rights to free speech was not affected by the right to assemble, and that an assembly of people has just as much right to free speech as an individual.  Alas, Congress and our former decider in chief decided to ignore the document.

It’s pretty nice to be posting something about getting some freedom back.  Hopefully sometime soon I’ll be posting that the State of Maryland has decided I should be allowed to purchase a legal product from another state and have it shipped to my house, although given the power of the liquor distributors, I’m not holding my breath.


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