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Where were these stories before the bill passed?

ABC news points out that sick kids without insurance still get care and can still get insurance.

Jarvis said Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas would automatically cover newborns of parents who already had a policy with them for 31 days. After that time parents could opt to include their baby on their plan whether or not the child had health issues.

“For children whose parents are not BCBSTX members, who want child-only coverage, we offer individual policies, beginning at the age of 60 days,” wrote Jarvis. “BCBSTX has spoken with the father of this child, and we are exploring all available alternative coverage options.”

Doug Tracy said his family has found an alternative route to get his child coverage through the Texas Health Insurance Risk Pool, and the policy will only cost $277 a month — $10 more than the premium on the policy he tried to take out for his son. However, he said he’s confused since he will still have to apply through Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas if he goes through the Texas Health Insurance Risk Pool.

So, mom and dad chose not to have insurance.  They applied to get insurance on their baby after the baby was born with a heart defect, and that insurance application was declined because it was after learning of the defect.  Yet they can still get insurance, and the child still got care.

So how would legislation make this better, other than by forcing other people to pay the medical bills?

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