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I give you our Governor, Martin O’Malley, from Maryland Reporter:

Our state is not like other states.  You will not find in Maryland the sort of Midwestern oppression that you find in Ohio and Wisconsin.

I’m not all for what the (elected by the people) legislature and (elected by the people) Governor of Wisconsin have done.  Perhaps I’ll put up something more substantial later on the Libertarian position on the right to (and to not) associate.  But “oppression”?  No.

Remember the call for civil discourse?  Yeah, right.


Idiot(s) of the Day, Quran (Koran, whatever) Edition

Today’s (heck, this week’s) Idiot(s) of the Day is/are anyone taking these pathetic morons seriously.

All they want is attention, and you are just playing in to their hands.  Just ignore them, and they’ll go away.

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