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Ravens Beat Jets

The 2010 hype bowl is over, and the Baltimore Ravens are victorious, winning 10-9 over the Jets.

The Jets – Ravens match up looked to be one for the ages, but a sloppy offensive showing by both teams along with outstanding defense by both teams made this one a low scoring nail biter. The Ravens pulled it out, scoring the only touchdown of the game.

But the score doesn’t say as much about the game as you would think.

The Ravens dominated the stats even if they didn’t dominate the scoreboard. They had 20 first downs while holding the Jets to just 6, although to be fair, 6 of the 20 were from penalties. The Ravens ran 77 plays to the jets 45. The Ravens only moved the ball 282 yards (primarily through the air), but when you hold the opposition to just 176 that’s a dominant performance.

Ravens time of possession was 38:30 to the Jets 21:30.

So how was the score so close? Continue reading


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