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Pretty much any blogger who uses ‘pantywaist’ has to be OK

Karen De Coster on the wussification of America

It is the duty of the state to always feign crisis wherever possible so as to justify their existence and the employment of their multitude of divine agents who exist to protect us from annoyed sisters, unlicensed lemonade sellers, raw milk, unapproved advertising slogans, and the Muslims hiding in our closets. Thus, the state has fostered a dependency on itself, on the part of the masses, in order to warrant its immense growth and intrusive deployment. The state has created a need for the state by the masses who can no longer survive daily rituals, let alone modest abnormalities. The masses have been dumbed-down, made into milksops, and turned into yellow-bellied flakes by the paternal state that enslaves them.

I think I’m Facebook friends with Karen’s paramedic friend, she’s a Libertarian leaning lifter, so we’ve got a bit in common.


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