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Quick sports post

Two things.

First, the NCAA Mens’ Basketball Tournament might be my second favorite sporting event behind the World Cup.  The difference is that I like soccer, and don’t really care much about college hoops, but I love the tournament.  Love the upsets.

Second, I have the solution to the NFL OT problem.  No need for this foolishness

If the team that falls behind by three points on the first series also kicks a field goal, then the game would continue under current sudden death rules.

Clearly, after moving the kickoff back, the team winning the toss had an advantage, and statistically that’s been shown.  Instead, the players union needs to change its collective skirt, man up, and play an extra period.  15 minutes is too long?  Fine, play 10, or 7.  But play a timed overtime.  If it’s tied after that, it’s a tie, in the playoffs, go to sudden death.

There is no other solution other than leaving it be.


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