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One of the many reasons I love my wife

I got this email today regarding a friend request she got on Facebook:

So I pull up her profile and I don’t recognize her, but she went to my HS so she probably knows of me from there.  I think about confirming the request, but decide to look around at her profile a bit before I decide if this is someone I want to know or not.  The first thing I notice is that she lives in Dundalk … hmmm.  Then, that she has 80’s hair … hunh.  Third, that she plays Farmville, so I’m probably just a way of earning points or something, which means I’m probably not going to become her friend.  But just to confirm my gut feeling, I read some of her posts.  When I come to this one, my decision is made:

“i didnt like the feeling I got at wallmart. You ever buy a sray bottle of something and it dont spray when you get it home. that makes me mad. So I decieded to spray one pump in the store before I buy I and a woman tugs me buy the shirt and says, What you doing!!! Id like to feel like I was steeling or something.lol”

So, pretty sure this isn’t someone coming over for dinner or something, lol.

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