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What it looks like to be incapable of defending your position

I present, Nancy Pelosi.

She completely ignores the point he’s making, and refuses to answer his question, eventually calling for security; all because she simply can not defend her position.

(I really appreciated the way he phrases some of his questions, that it’s illegal for someone to volunteer to work for less than the minimum wage, even if it is in their best interest. I’ve said before, if what you do is worth less than the new minimum wage, you won’t make the new minimum wage, you’ll make $0.)

People are getting tired of this. That’s what’s fueling the tea parties, it’s what’s fueling the responses at town halls on health care, and I think people are waking up, recognizing they have been electing people from both parties who have completely lost touch with what they are supposed to do (and not do), and they might just do something about it in 2010.

Hat tip Carpe Diem

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