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I wish I could forget it

Finally getting around to the Ravens/Packers game.  Just ugly, both sides, but the better team won.

The Ravens need to win out to get into the playoffs.  As I keep saying, if the team that beat the Broncos shows up, they could win them all.  But that team isn’t showing up.

I think they need to establish the running game, and give Flacco a break.  I think Cam has done a great job developing our young QB, but maybe he’s moved a bit too fast.  I’d like to see them take a step back, use the outstanding running talent they have, and simplify the passing game.

I’d also like to see some Suggs package.  Troy Smith isn’t a starting QB in the NFL (even if he believes he is), but he’s a hell of a football player, and could add some nice wrinkles to a predictable offense.

I can’t say anything about penalties.   They need to stop, and Mason needs to keep his helmet on and his mouth shut.  Yes, the officiating is an issue.  Yes, it looks like they are picking on the Ravens.  You still can’t let them affect the game.

Hopefully Suggs, Reed, and Clayton can heal up this week, they shouldn’t be needed against the Lions.  I do think they need to get out to a fast start and get a solid blowout type of performance to get some confidence back; the Bears are next week, and they are not going to lay down.

I’m usually optimistic, but honestly, I’m not sure they can win out, and it might be Oakland that’s the spoiler.  They need to get it together to have a chance.

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