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Some Surprises on the Ravens Roster

As all 32 NFL teams cut down to their 53 man roster this weekend, there were some surprises, and the Ravens were no exception.

The first surprise to me was they were serious about carrying just 2 quarterbacks, and cut Troy Smith. This is a surprise, as I thought he might have some trade value at a minimum if they decided not to go with 3 QBs. I guess he doesn’t, which will certainly be a blow to his ego.

I imagine he’ll end up a third QB somewhere in the league.

That move also makes it very clear the Ravens will not resort to much trickery this year with the ‘Wildcat’ or ‘Suggs Package’ on offense.

I’m also surprised by the Antwan Barnes trade to the Eagles, which opened up a roster spot for either Jason Phillips, Edgar Jones, or Prescott Burgess.

Phillips performed well in camp, but not well in the last preseason game. I think they are looking at him as a project; he’s got enough talent to keep for the future. Jones is a very flexible player, but not a standout OLB/DE. He’s outstanding on special teams, but so was Barnes.

Burgess hasn’t impressed me much this year, but the Ravens see something in him worth keeping.

The depth at Linebacker made this trade possible, and hopefully the Ravens will see some value out of the draft pick next year.

I’m not at all surprised Demetrius Williams was cut. His performance has been inconsistent over the last several years, he’s injury prone, and hasn’t lived up to expectations. He may move on to another team and do very well, perhaps a change of scenery is what he needs to reach his potential.

Smith and Reed both have just as much upside as Williams, and I think less risk and less baggage.

I also wasn’t surprised by the choice of kicker. While there was speculation that Shayne Graham was ‘the guy’, he and Cundiff were very close on field goal performance, but Cundiff has the stronger leg for kickoffs. In the AFC North, field position often wins games, and I think that is what drove the Ravens’ choice.

I fully expected Ed Reed to end up on the Reserve PUP list. There was just no way he would be ready for the Jets, and I still think the Ravens are looking at their talent at Safety and considering the possibility of putting Reed on IR. That lets him heal and come back healthy next year, or possibly sets up a trade. I don’t think his attitude made him any friends in the Ravens front office or coaching staff this offseason.

While he’s one of the best to play the game, the Ravens can win without him.

As expected, the Ravens cut some players who will end up on rosters elsewhere in the league. Ozzie Newsome and team continue to build a deep talent pool, and are set not only to make a playoff run this year, but set for the future with a pretty young, very talented team.

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Eli Manning Should Think Twice

If I had the chance, I would ask Eli Manning if he really wants to play the Ravens in a preseason game.

Eli suffered a gash that required 12 stitches when he was hit after his helmet came off during the Giants win against the Jets.  According to several news stories, he plans to play against the Ravens, a team certainly as physical, if not more so, than the Jets.

This is the same Ravens squad that put seven hits on Redskins’ Quarterbacks, had four sacks against the Redskins, and seven sacks and ten hits on the Panthers’ Quarterbacks.

Eli might want to call his old rival Donovan McNabb and ask how his ankle is feeling today.  McNabb came out of the locker room for the second half of the game against the Ravens with his ankle iced and wrapped.  There are reports now he may have a high ankle sprain, and is expected to miss the next preseason contest.

McNabb was reportedly seen today wearing a protective boot.  In interviews, Mike Shanahan seemed to think the injury was not terribly severe, but he also said McNabb wouldn’t be playing if their next contest against the Jets were a regular season game.

A high ankle sprain can take as long as six weeks to heal, assuming it isn’t bad enough to require surgery, which could put a player out for six months.  That could be bad news for the Redskins.

Certainly the Giants can’t afford to lose Manning, given Jim Sorgi is out for at least a couple of weeks with a shoulder injury.

And while Eli may be tough enough to play in the NFL, he’s not Donovan McNabb tough.

So why then would Eli Manning want to face the physical Ravens in a game that doesn’t matter when he’s still recovering from having his head split open?  Does he really want to deal with avoiding Terrell Suggs, or worse, Terrence Cody?

I would think twice about playing on Saturday night.

Wouldn’t you?

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