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“I’m against private property, but I want to protect my personal property”

This is awesome.

Some Advice for the “99%”

Quit complaining about what other people have that you don’t.  Instead, go out and try to get in the 1%.

You probably won’t make it.  That’s OK, I probably won’t, either.  But you’ll do a ton of good along the way as well as (obviously) make yourself better off.

Most of the people in the 1% got there by creating value (either a product or a service) for other people.  Steve Jobs did that.  Even the hypocrite Warren Buffett does it indirectly.  Are there bad people in the 1% that took advantage of government bailouts?  Sure.  So what – many of you elected the people who gave them the bailouts.  Instead of complaining about it, start taking power away from the government so they can’t bail them out, and put the power in your own hands to do as much (or little) good for others as you like.

The closer you get to the 1%, the more you are able to give money and time to those less fortunate.  Isn’t that a better use of your energy than protesting something you can’t change by protesting?  You can change the world by participating in the process (vote, petition, etc), by removing the power from the elite and putting it in the hands of the masses.  You can change the world by earning and producing enough that you meet your needs and can help meet the needs of others!  The nice thing is, the more power you retain, the more of your wealth will go where you want, not where central planners want.

As you inch towards the 1%, you’ll be happier and healthier.  Yeah, I know money doesn’t by happiness, but it sure doesn’t hurt.  And there’s plenty of research showing there’s a link between good health and wealth, not because of better access to care, but because wealthy people worry less about money!  Being happy and healthy is a great thing, I wish it for everyone, even those who want to use force to take my things.  (Selfishly, I know that the happier, healthier, and wealthier other people are, the less they will want to use force to take my things.)

So spend your time wisely, not by protesting some random injustice, but by going out in the world and making a real difference.

And quit talking about taking wealth by force from the 1%.  That will not work out well for you, I promise.


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